May 31

Here’s the newsletter:

June 1music1st

That’s all I have for now.


May 24

We had a mystery reader last week.  Her costume was so effective that her own granddaughter didn’t recognize her!20130520-201712.jpg

We learned to play solitaire this week:20130523-093604.jpg





Here’s the newsletter for next week:

WeeklyMay28PE 1st

And here’s the list of special activites for the final days of 2nd grade:


May 10

I’ve opened the FINAL book order for the year!  Use the link at the right and our class code : GR2WQ  I will close the book order on May 15!

Here’s a link to the newsletter for the week:

Weekly May13PE 1st

Next week is our last FULL week of second grade!  Here is a list of the activities we’ll be doing to make the last days of the year special:


Here are some random dates:

May 21: Fun Run 2:00-2:45

May 28: Super Kids Day 9:30-10:45

May 28: Book Swap

May 3

Here’s the newsletter for the week:


In an attempt to make the MOST of our final 5 weeks of second grade, I am squeezing in as many fun, enriching activities as I can.  We’ll be going to the computer lab once or twice a week.  We’ve made a list of our top 25 topics we’d like to learn about before the end of the year (Komodo Dragons, multiplication, earthquakes, and Hawaii, are on the list).  We’re going to have one or two mystery readers each week as well.  We will be ordering pizza for lunch during one day, wearing PJs to school one day, etc.  Look for these events on each weekly newsletter.

Here are some pictures of our marble runs.  Kids were given styrofoam “runners” to tape in various shapes, along with marbles.  The goal was to create a complex “run” that could support the marble moving from beginning to the end of the run.  Some kids added tunnels, loops, and jumps at the end!

image image


Thanks to all the chaperones who made our trip to the zoo a great success!  If you have photos I can include on the blog, please feel free to email them to me.  Here’s what I have to far:


2013-04-25 10 19 11

2013-04-25 13 32 12

Mar  B class trip to zoo 32

Mar  B class trip to zoo 33

Mar  B class trip to zoo 43

Mar  B class trip to zoo 59

April 19

Here is a link for the WCCO clip that appeared on  Tuesday night on the 6pm edition: 

Here is our newsletter:

Weekly April22PE 1st

We’ve been working on balance as part of our science unit.  Take a look at the mobiles we created using drinking straws, index cards, and paper clips:Weather Mobile 002

Weather Mobile 003

Weather Mobile 005

Weather Mobile 009

Weather Mobile 010

Weather Mobile 011

The WCCO mobile weather lab was here, along with Lauren Casey and Jason Derusha.  Lauren taught us about cloud formations, how to stay safe during severe weather, the technology used to predict weather, as well as what kind of education is required to become a meteorologist.Weather Mobile 012 

Lauren took us outside for a close-up view of the Mobile Weather Watcher:Weather Mobile 015

Weather Mobile 016

Uh huh!  Konner got to sit in the passenger seat and see all the gadgets in this $250,000 automobile!Weather Mobile 018

Weather Mobile 021

Thank you, Lauren and Jason!